Do home remedies work for snoring?

Snoring can be a pain– especially if you’re the one who has to endure the sound of it on a nightly basis. But are there natural remedies that can help work against it– and do they work?

A good night’s sleep might be a deceptively simple wish, but it’s one that eludes many– most of which is due to loud snoring. Although snoring is an expected occurrence in one’s lifetime, it can still cause many sleepless nights.

It can even cause couples to fight and stop sharing rooms. It may also be indicative of bad sleeping habits, or worse: sleep apnea.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to check if you have sleep apnea. Ruling out sleep apnea, however, still does not solve you or your partner’s snoring problems.

It seems sleepless nights are still, unfortunately, on the horizon, for those with snorers in the household, and it can sometimes feel like a pretty helpless predicament to a seemingly uncontrollable circumstance.

Fortunately, there are accessible solutions to snoring— ones you can do right in your own homes! A lot of simple home remedies can be practiced in order to keep those snores at bay and even better: away.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, some lifestyle decisions tend to hold you back from living more well-rested and healthier lives altogether. The following habits might be some you’d want to consider to practice to keep your nights snore-free:

  • Quit Smoking – The habit of smoking is a known irritant for the throat, causing inflammation or swelling that may lead to snoring… or worse. Realistically speaking, smoking is tough to quit, so it’s best to try reducing it gradually. You can also find an accountability group or partner so that you’re more driven to reach your goal!
  • Avoid Alcohol – Drinking alcohol can relax you… maybe too much. Alcohol tends to relax the throat muscles, making them easier to vibrate and hence, make loud sounds.
  • Lose Weight – Fatty tissue around the throat are some of the main contributors to snoring. Taking control of your calorie intake is key for better sleep.

Sleep Habit Changes

It’s a matter of how we sleep that can make a difference sometimes. Check out these minuscule changes to get better, noiseless sleep in the long run:

  • Sleep On Your Side – Contrary to popular belief, sleeping on your back actually makes for bad air flow as gravity causes the tongue to move to the back of the throat. Sleep on your side to avoid this from happening.
  • Elevate Your Head – The simple move of adding an extra pillow under your head helps open up the airways, reducing any chances of snoring.
  • Use Nasal Strips – Nasal strips are made to keep your nose’s nasal passages open while you sleep, so using them will definitely help with snoring problems.

Extra Tips

  • Use a Humidifier – Dry air can trigger snoring since it tends to irritate the throat and the nose. Using a humidifier can add a healthy amount of hydration to the air, making it easier to breathe in.
  • Do Throat Exercises – Strengthening the muscles in your throat can help you fight the issue for good, and they’re very easy to follow.


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