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About My Journey

I'll come right out and say it...  I SNORE, and not in a cute way. 

Even as a kid, I remember being asked to sleep in different rooms at sleepovers.  And while my entire family struggles with snoring, I by far got the worst of it.  

A few years back, my snoring began severely impacting my marriage.  It was bad...  My loving husband rarely got a good night's sleep, and often had to sleep in another room.

After about 8 years of frequently interrupted sleep, he had started to hit physical and emotional walls.  I could see his health deteriorating. He had developed insomnia, and try as he might, it was impossible for resentment not to build. 

THE WORS PART - I always slept great (or so I thought at the time)

I'd wake up in the morning and find him on the couch with bags under his eyes, just trying to get whatever undisturbed sleep he could.  

Until one day, we decided to stop living with the snore monster and start defeating it!

Over the next 6 months, we tried EVERY DIY method, anti-snore product, and home remedy we could find.  We tried different diets and exercise habits and even looked into surgical options (which I would later try).

I have to stop and give my husband A LOT of credit because even though he didn't snore, he tried everything right alongside me. 

I'll admit, after a while, we started to get discouraged.  Until one day, I met a doctor that had dealt with the same thing in his relationship.  The only difference was that HE was the snore monster (not his partner).

He explained to us that, more often than not, you have to combine multiple techniques and products to defeat snoring. 

He recommended methods to strengthen my nasal airways, anti-snore products that worked for him, and most of all, encouraged me not to give up!

Fast forward to today, and my snoring is gone!

Well, not completely gone.  Sometimes, when I drink too much alcohol or take sleeping meds, I'll snore, but otherwise, things are great!  We are sleeping in the same room, and our relationship has never been stronger.  

During my battle to defeat snoring, I realized that there aren't a lot of resources to help support people on their personal journeys to stop snoring.

That's why I created SNORESY to share my experience and hopefully help others just like you stop snoring and sleep easy.  

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