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About My Journey...

About two years ago my snoring almost ruined my marriage.  It was bad… My husband had hit a wall and was no longer able to deal with it.  He started saying things like “am I doomed to deal with this for the rest of my life?  I don’t want to have to sleep in another room just to get the proper sleep.  His health was deteriorating, he developed insomnia, and worst of all, try as he might, it was impossible for the resentment not to build in him.  Months turned to years, we started sleeping in different rooms and our relationship was at serious risk. 

THIS WAS TERRIBLE!  The most awful part was that I was able to sleep fine.  I’d wake up seeing him on the couch with bags under his eyes just trying to get any undisturbed sleep he could.   

We tried everything and even started going down the path of getting it fixed with surgery.  I wasn’t excited about the idea of surgery but something had to change.  It was either fix this issue that has plagued me my entire life (even as a child at sleepovers I would be forced to sleep in the other room).  

One day we met an ER. The doctor that had dealt with the same thing in his relationship.  The only difference was he was the snoring monster, not his wife.  He told me about a combination of a few techniques to strengthen my nasal airways, recommended we try a few products that helped him, and reassured me all was not lost. 

Fast forward to today and my snoring is gone!  Well not completely gone, sometimes when I drink alcohol or take sleeping meds I’ll snore but otherwise, things are great!  We are sleeping in the same room and our relationship is back to full strength.  

This ordeal was terrible and it seemed that all the information online was garbage since it didn’t help me figure out why I snored.  That’s why I created SNORESY (my nickname back then “Lil miss snoresy”) to help everyone else in this same situation so that you never have to go through what I did. 

Follow the instructions, stick with it, and understand that everyone is different so you may have to try more than one product to find what works for you.  

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